Veterinary drinking water formulations

Highly concentrated API solutions compatible with proportioner-based administration

Veterinary antibiotic, anthelmintic and anti-inflammatory products are typically administered via the drinking water. Over recent years, the method for drinking water administration has seen a tremendous shift from bulk-tank to proportioner-based administration, for ease of use and space saving reasons. Proportioners continually dose small volumes of highly concentrated drug solutions into the general water supply, at a rate proportional to the drinking water consumption in the pen. The transition to proportioner-based administration has created new challenges, however, in that drug products that were previously dissolved in large volumes of water in a bulk tank (ca 1000 L) now need to dissolve completely in the much lower volumes of water that are typically employed in conjunction with proportioners (max. 10 L). This implies that many active compounds, especially those that are poorly soluble, need solubility-enhancing formulation approaches to enable proportioner-based administration. In addition to a solubility barrier, proportioner-assisted administration also creates new boundary conditions in terms of viscosity and water miscibility of the formulation. 

Our deep eutectic solvent technology is ideally suited to solve these newly created challenges in the veterinary drug delivery space. The tunability of our formulation platform allows us to create high-payload, water-miscible, low-viscosity formulations that retain solvent capacity at the low dilution levels associated with proportioner-administration. In addition, presentation of the active compound in predissolved form to the general water supply helps in ensuring reproducible bioavailability and optimal therapeutic outcomes. 

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