Solid HyDES

Rapid Dissolution, Rapid Absorption


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Oral drug bioavailability faces challenges due to poor solubility and permeability in many pharmaceutical compounds. Our Solid HyDES formulation technology specifically targets and enhances solubility and bioavailability for APIs, particularly those with high melting points and a weakly basic nature, thereby advancing oral drug delivery and therapeutic effectiveness.


The Solid HyDES platform creates a dehydrated hydrophilic solid (glass) powder capable of incorporating up to 40% drug load, easily encapsulated in standard gelatin or HPMC capsules. In humans, the formulation rehydrates facilitating rapid dissolution and enhanced drug absorption.



The Solid HyDES platform excels in formulating Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs). Uncover the unparalleled capabilities of our platform for PROTAC formulation development here

Benefits of Technology


Up to 40% drug loading


Significant bioavailability enhancement



Physically stable


Safe and approved excipients 


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