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The therapeutic promise of peptides is well-recognized, offering high specificity and potency. However, their successful oral administration is hindered by several physiological barriers. Peptides are susceptible to enzymatic degradation in the gastrointestinal tract and face significant challenges in permeating the intestinal epithelium due to their large molecular size and hydrophilic nature.

Traditional Peptide Lipid Formulation

Traditional lipid formulations of peptides fail primarily due to their hydrophilicity. As the peptide transitions into an aqueous environment, it becomes vulnerable to degradation by surrounding enzymes. These enzymes, such as pepsin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin, which are prevalent in the gastrointestinal tract, rapidly break down the peptide, making it inactive. Once degraded, the peptide loses its biological activity and is unable to perform its intended function.


Consequently, the therapeutic efficacy of the peptide is significantly diminished, posing a major challenge for effective oral delivery and necessitating innovative solutions to enhance peptide stability and absorption.

SeraNovo's Peptide Formulation Platform - PeptiDES

Our eutectic solvent-based formulation technology is specifically designed to tackle these obstacles. By creating a protective and facilitating formulation, our approach enhances the stability of peptides against enzymatic breakdown and optimizes their absorption through the gastrointestinal tract. Consequently, the peptide remains encapsulated and can be absorbed into the bloodstream intact, resulting in improved oral bioavailability.


The technology operates on the principle of creating a favorable microenvironment that maintains peptide integrity and facilitates more efficient transit across the intestinal barrier.

Proof of Concept: Enhanced Stability of Semaglutide with SeraNovo's Modified Lipid Vehicle

SeraNovo's modified lipid vehicle allows sufficient time for the lipid to be digested closer to the absorption site, significantly enhancing the peptide's stability. This is evident from a study on the enzymatic degradation of the peptide Semaglutide. In a phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) solution at pH 6.5, Semaglutide is entirely degraded within 5 minutes. However, when encapsulated using SeraNovo's lipid technology, the peptide remains largely intact even after 100 minutes.

This substantial increase in stability demonstrates the efficacy of SeraNovo's lipid vehicle in protecting peptides from rapid enzymatic degradation, thereby improving their potential for successful oral administration.

In essence, SeraNovo's technology is an innovative solution aimed at redefining the bioavailability of oral peptides. By directly addressing the core issues of stability and permeability, we enhance the therapeutic potential of these molecules.

Our commitment is to the advancement of oral peptide delivery, focusing on a scientific approach that opens new pathways for treatment and improves patient outcomes.


With SeraNovo, the future of effective and accessible peptide-based therapies is within reach.



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