Same lipid functionality with 10-fold higher drug load


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Effective oral delivery of small molecule therapies is often hindered by poor water solubility and absorption. The LiDES technology addresses this challenge by combining a lipid-based formulation with a unique eutectic system. This approach significantly enhances the bioavailability of drugs with high Log P values and melting points below 200°C, overcoming a key obstacle in oral pharmaceutical development.



The LiDES platform creates a lipophilic eutectic solvent capable of incorporating up to 30% drug load, easily encapsulated in standard gelatin capsules. In humans, this formulation prevents drug precipitation and enhances drug absorption. Demonstrated in a case study with Glibenclamide, a notoriously insoluble drug, LiDES significantly raised bioavailability — 26-fold compared to crystalline API and by more than 2,75-fold against an amorphous solid dispersion.


The LiDES platform extends its applicability to formulate Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs). Learn more about PROTAC formulation development here.

Glibenclamide Case Study

►Interested in how our eutectic technology compares to the traditional amorphous solid dispersion? Read our comprehensive comparison as we explore the differences between Amorphous Solid Dispersions (ASD) and SeraNovo's innovative eutectic solvent technology.


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Benefits of LiDES platform


Up to 30% drug loading


Significant bioavailability enhancement



Physically Stable


One-step manufacturing


What drug molecules is the LiDES platform suitable for?

Perfect formulation approach for API’s that have:


Log P >4                                                         Melting point <200°C

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