Same lipid functionality with 10-fold higher drug load


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Effective oral delivery of small molecule therapies is often hindered by poor water solubility and absorption. The LiDES technology addresses this challenge by combining a lipid-based formulation with a unique eutectic system. This approach significantly enhances the bioavailability of drugs with high Log P values and melting points below 200°C, overcoming a key obstacle in oral pharmaceutical development.



The LiDES platform creates a lipophilic eutectic solvent capable of incorporating up to 30% drug load, easily encapsulated in standard gelatin capsules. In humans, this formulation prevents drug precipitation and enhances drug absorption. Demonstrated in a case study with Glibenclamide, a notoriously insoluble drug, LiDES significantly raised bioavailability — 26-fold compared to crystalline API and by more than 2,75-fold against an amorphous solid dispersion.

Glibenclamide Case Study

Benefits of LiDES platform


Up to 30% drug loading


Significant bioavailability enhancement



Physically Stable


One-step manufacturing


What drug molecules is the LiDES platform suitable for?

Perfect formulation approach for API’s that have:


Log P >4                                                         Melting point <200°C

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