Eutectic Formulations

Turn an API into a solvent


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Poor water solubility limits the absorption of small molecules.

If the active ingredient cannot be solubilized in the gastric and intestinal media, it will not pass through the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and thus will be excreted from the body. This is a major barrier preventing new medicines from reaching the market.


SeraNovo’s eutectic formulation platform combines the active ingredient with one or more eutectic components to create a high drug- load liquid.


This is combined with enabling ingredients that have a synergistic effect with the eutectic components to create a formulation that is highly effective in enhancing drug absorption. 

The final product is a physically-stable liquid-filled capsule that is simple to manufacture and only contains FDA-approved excipients.


The rapid formulation development time coupled with simple manufacturing allows our clients to go from zero to clinic in the shortest possible time. 

What drug molecule is the eutectic platform suitable for?

Perfect formulation approach for API's that are:


Weakly basic                                                                                High melting point

Eutectic Formulation benefits

High drug load

Bioavailability enhancement

Physically stable

Simple manufacturing

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