Eutectic Enteric

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Poor water solubility limits the absorption of many small molecules. If an active ingredient cannot be solubilized in the gastric and intestinal media it will not pass through the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and thus will be excreted from the body. This is a major barrier preventing new medicines from reaching the market.


Formulations that pass through the stomach intact and release the drug in the intestines can be an effective way to enhance absorption if the active ingredient is poorly soluble in the gastric medium. SeraNovo’s Eutectic Enteric formulation platform allows for high drug-load liquid or semi solid formulations that release their contents in the intestine.


By releasing the active ingredient from a pre-dissolved state into the intestinal medium, an initially high concentration is achieved. This high concentration of the drug in intestinal medium drives absorption.

Precipitation inhibitors are included to limit crystallization allowing redissolution of amorphous drug particles further enhancing drug absorption.

What drug molecules is the Eutectic Enteric platform suitable for? 

Perfect  formulation approach for API's that are: 

weakly acidic                                        non-ionisable                                    gastric gelators 

Eutectic Enteric benefits

High drug load

Bioavailability enhancement

Physically stable

Simple manufacturing

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