Technology Platform

The beauty of the platform lies in its simplicity. We employ a two-phase approach to create the optimum formulation.

Phase one – Eutectic Design

We use our proprietary technology to create a eutectic solvent designed and optimized specifically for a single API. The solvent is composed only of constituents that are either GRAS certified for oral administration or broadly used in the industry. This approach leads to exceptional solubility values and enables high payload delivery.

Phase Two – Polymer Selection

Polymeric precipitation inhibitors, when integrated into the eutectic solvent with the API create the finished formulation. To select the best PPI or combination of PPI’s we use a battery of proprietary assays optimized for API solubility in gastric and intestinal media over time. Unlike competing technologies, our technology can be analysed at a 96 well plate scale allowing for simultaneous testing of 100’s of unique formulations to create the highest drug bioavailability in man.


Even at an early stage of development, manufacturing of the clinical material and final product is an important consideration. An inherent benefit of our formulation platform is the ease of production and scale up. As with many liquid formulations, our eutectic formulations are simple to produce under GMP conditions.

Solving the Insoluble

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