Technology Platform

Designed eutectic solvent approach to create the optimal formulation.

Eutectic Design


In the first phase of the design process we use our proprietary technology (multiple patents pending) to create a liquid eutectic mixture designed and optimized specifically for your API. The technology is especially suitable for low solubility and high melting point API's (or 'Brick Dust' API's). 


This liquid is composed only of constituents that are either GRAS certified for oral administration or broadly used in the industry. This approach leads to exceptional solubility values in a highly stable eutectic system. These systems can be solidified at a later stage.


We employ a high throughput screen to analyse the API solubility and preliminary stability in a broad range of eutectic solvents. Our HTP system is designed to work at small scales meaning minimal amounts of API are used during the design process.

Polymer Selection


Polymeric precipitation inhibitors, when integrated into the eutectic solvent with the API create the finished formulation. These polymers increase the solubility in the intestines and stabilize the supersaturated state.


To select the best PPI or combination of PPI’s we use a battery of proprietary assays optimized for API solubility in gastric and intestinal media over time.


Unlike competing technologies, our technology can be analysed at a 96 well plate scale allowing for simultaneous testing of 100’s of unique formulations to create the highest drug bioavailability in man.

Finished Dosage Form


The finished dosage form of the Liquid DES platform is a liquid filled capsule. The formulations are readily compatible with hard or soft gelatine capsules.


Using our Solid DES platform we can provide filled capsules, both gelatin and HPMC, however a tabletting approach is also a possibility. 


Standard filling equipment can be used to for capsule filling.

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