At SeraNovo we pride ourselves on two primary factors: Speed and Performance

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study can be completed in less than two months to show the compatibility of the client’s API and our technology. The results of the study indicate the significant solubility enhancement facilitated with our formulation platform. In the pharmaceutical industry speed is always important, our processes are designed to be flexible and fit our client’s timelines.

  • High Speed – Feasibility determined in less than 2 months

  • Tailored Approach – All parts of formulation designed specifically for each API

  • Rapid Transition – Quick transfer to the next phase of formulation development

Formulation Development

The formulation development phase is performance focused. The two aspects of the platform offer excellent scope for optimising the formulation. Working at a small scale is a crucial factor in our optimisation. With the 96 well plate scale, SeraNovo can produce and test 1000’s of formulations, selecting on the basis of gastric and intestinal solubility over time. Proprietary assays and models provide a detailed insight into in vivo performance.

  • High Performance – Designed at every stage to enhance bioavailability

  • High Speed – High throughput testing compresses timelines

  • In Vivo Ready – Usable from the pre-clinic though to market entry


There is excellent potential to extend the patent life of existing medications by creating a new formulation with SeraNovo’s innovative technology. The bioavailability enhancement available with our formulation platform enables significant improvement on products reaching the end of their patent life.

  • Patent Life – innovative reformulation extends patent life

  • Biobetter – Increase bioavailability of existing formulations

  • Two medications, one pill – Combination medications can be incorporated in a single pill


SeraNovo is actively seeking partners to enter into new product development collaborations. If you have a potent drug but no appropriate delivery system for it, a co-development will offer you the following advantages:

  • Quicker to market – The combination of your drug with an efficient delivery system will lead to a marketable product in a comparatively shorter time

  • Increased patent viability –Coupling SeraNovo’s intellectual property and a novel API can strengthen the patent portfolio of both partners, prolonging the lifecycle of the resulting product

  • Competitive Edge – Developing a superior drug delivery system will put the co-developed product ahead of competitors

Solving the Insoluble

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