SeraNovo Awarded MIT R&D Collaboration Grant

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The Province of South Holland has awarded a subsidy of €200.000 to a joint project between SeraNovo and Percuros, with consultancy from Good Biomarker Sciences. The project allows SeraNovo to further develop their technology platform, while testing it on the advanced test Percuros will develop.

SeraNovo’s technology allows new medicines to be absorbed in the human body that previously could not. Over time this will create a new wave of medications in fields including Cancer, HIV and Arthritis.

The test of Percuros will be safer and cheaper than commercially available tests, while granting SeraNovo one of the best testing platforms for simulating the human gastro-intestinal tract to optimise their technology and prove its efficacy. Combining these two innovations will allow SeraNovo to bring more cures to patients and come one step closer to solving a big problem the pharmaceutical industry has with declining solubility of newly developed medicines.





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