Unlocking the softgel formulation option for FEXO using our deep eutectic solvent technology

FEXO is a widely used over-the-counter therapeutic to treat hay fever, seasonal allergies and urticaria. It is commercially available in a variety of presentations, including tablets, powder-filled capsules and suspensions. However, there is no FEXO softgel formulation on the market, in spite of a strong preference for this type of dosage form by the consumer healthcare market. This is related to the low solubility of FEXO in liquid excipients, combined with a high dose requirement (180 mg). Using our deep eutectic solvent technology, we have developed a physically and chemically stable liquid fill, containing 350 mg/ml of FEXO. This enabled us to fill the 180 mg dose in a single size 10 softgel, which conventional solubilisation technologies have been unable to do.


The ability of our deep eutectic solvent based formulation platform to create highly solubilising formulations for the most physicochemically diverse drugs opens up myriad new product development opportunities in both the prescription drug as well as the consumer healthcare market.


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