Mastering PROTAC Formulation Challenges

Powered by our Eutectic Technology


Experience the pinnacle of PROTAC formulation with SeraNovo's proven Eutectic Technology. Our expertise and precision in working with these molecules ensure a tailored approach, setting the stage for accelerated success in bringing your groundbreaking PROTAC molecules to life.

Bioavailability Enhancement

Our proprietary technology allows us to significantly enhance the bioavailability of PROTACs (also known as proteolysis-targeting chimeras, molecular glues, and protein degraders) by focusing on both solubility and permeability barriers. By utilizing safe ingredients, we ensure not only efficacy but also safety in every formulation

Reduced Development time 

We understand the urgency of getting therapeutics to the clinic. With SeraNovo, experience a streamlined development process, reducing both time and costs for our collaborators.

Expertise in liquid-filled capsules

We specialize in creating physically stable liquid filled capsules, providing a reliable and efficient delivery system for PROTAC formulations.

Fast-Track PROTAC development with SeraNovo's Tailored Solutions


Choose collaboration that makes a difference and gain access to tailored prototype formulations within 6-8 weeks ready for in vivo testing.


Our method involves creating a eutectic mixture, significantly improving solubility and permeability. This approach provides a practical solution to the long-standing challenge of poor bioavailability in PROTACs and other protein degraders.


Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in the development of your PROTACs.

Stay Ahead in PROTAC Innovation


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