SeraNovo Welcomes Distinguished Scientific Advisory Board

Delve into the insights of SeraNovo's Scientific Advisory Board.

Leiden, January 16, 2024


SeraNovo Welcomes Distinguished Scientific Advisory Board to Propel Innovative Formulation Technology


Leiden, January 16 - SeraNovo, a pioneering formulation technology provider specializing in elevating the bioavailability of poorly soluble Active

Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), is thrilled to introduce its esteemed Scientific Advisory Board. This board comprises luminaries from the pharmaceutical and academic sectors, poised to accelerate SeraNovo's groundbreaking approach to pharmaceutical formulation.

Meet the Advisory Board Members:

Piet van den Oetelaar: With a remarkable 35-year career spanning prominent pharmaceutical companies such as Organon, Schering- Plough, Merck, Teva, and AstraZeneca, Piet boasts an impressive track record of 18 new product approvals for oral solids, injectables, and drug delivery devices. His commitment to expanding the pharmaceutical toolbox aligns perfectly with SeraNovo's vision.

René Holm: René, a professor in pharmaceutical physical chemistry at the University of Southern Denmark, combines academic excellence with extensive industry experience. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the advisory board, focusing on the early stages of formulation development.

Ruud Verrijk: With over 35 years of expertise in pharmaceutical drug delivery, Ruud has been a driving force in developing innovative drug products throughout his career. His unique insights will be invaluable as SeraNovo continues to shape the future of pharmaceutical formulations.

Piet van den Oetelaar, a member of the advisory board, voiced his enthusiasm, stating, "The unique technology that SeraNovo has developed is an invaluable asset to the pharmaceutical industry. Their solutions address the growing challenges posed by low solubility and bioavailability in modern drug candidates."


René Holm emphasized the innovative approach taken by SeraNovo, "SeraNovo’s approach to developing Eutectic mixtures, with a focus on scalability and speed, fills a unique space in the formulation landscape. Their use of solvents and combinations thereof makes their formulations novel and scientifically intriguing."


Ruud Verrijk underscored the safety and reliability of SeraNovo's approach, "SeraNovo's eutectic technology is not just another way to solubilize low- soluble drug substances. Formulating APIs as stable solutions avoids risks related to particle size control and polymorphism, offering high bioavailability, even at high doses."



Company Objectives:

SeraNovo's advisory board will play a crucial role in guiding the company through all stages of formulation development, from early-stage challenges to late-stage pharmaceutical drug development.

Ian Degeling, CTO of SeraNovo, on the Value of the Scientific Advisory Board:


Ian Degeling, Chief Technology Officer of SeraNovo, commented on the significance of the newly appointed Scientific Advisory Board, saying, "The expertise and insights of our advisory board members are invaluable to SeraNovo's mission of advancing traditional formulation techniques with a next-generation technology solution. With their guidance, we're well-positioned to redefine the possibilities of drug development and address the ever-growing challenges faced by the industry while enhancing bioavailability."

Upcoming Events and Announcements:


SeraNovo invites you to stay informed about the release of our recent case study and exciting announcements. These milestones exemplify our ongoing dedication to advancing pharmaceutical formulation technology.


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About SeraNovo: SeraNovo is a formulation technology provider committed to enhancing the bioavailability of poorly soluble Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Our proprietary technology addresses two core issues: improving bioavailability and reducing development time to the clinic. As the innovator of this technology, SeraNovo holds the associated know-how and intellectual property.

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