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Poor active ingredient solubility presents challenges in the development of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products alike. Low solubility and/or dissolution rate of the active ingredient in the gastrointestinal fluids may lead to inadequate absorption, low and variable effects, and ultimately: poor consumer experience. Delivering the active ingredient in a predissolved form to the gastrointestinal fluids, for example via a liquid-filled softgel, may greatly enhance its bioavailability. This explains in part the growing popularity of this type of dosage form for the delivery of nutraceuticals like curcumin, biotin or glutathione.


However, for many active ingredients, dissolving the entire dose in a single unit of acceptable size is technically challenging, as low solubility in water is often associated with low solubility in excipients. For these poorly soluble actives, dissolution in the softgel fill is often achieved via the usage of synthetic, environmentally harmful chemicals. Our deep eutectic solvent technology offers unique benefits in this regard. Using safe, natural ingredients like amino acids, sugars and sugar alcohols, we design bespoke formulations with high solvent capacity for the most physicochemically diverse active ingredients. This opens up a host of new product development opportunities in the nutraceutical space.

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