The Latest SeraNovian Developments

SeraNovo Files Patent

SeraNovo has officially filed its first patent with the assistance of Harrie Marsman of V.O. Patents and Trademarks.

Detailed in the patent is the method, developed by SeraNovo, to design a liquid formulation specifically for a single medicine. SeraNovo’s technology allows new medicines to be absorbed in the human body that previously could not. Over time this will create a new wave of medications in fields including Cancer, HIV and Arthritis.

This first patent forms the foundation of SeraNovo’s protection strategy and will be built upon in the near future. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with V.O. in the coming years.

By |January, 2018|

Bastiaan Kluft joins SeraNovo as partner

Bastiaan Kluft, who has a background in Chemistry & Science Based Business, is joining SeraNovo as of the start of September 2016. He previously worked for 1,5 years at KPN as a management trainee, increasing his business and managerial skills to complement the scientific knowledge obtained at Leiden University. His Chemistry studies were focused mostly on organic chemistry, biological analysis and protein interactions. In SeraNovo Bastiaan’s focus will lie mostly on the scientific and R&D part of the technology, close to the business side, fulfilling the role of CSO within SeraNovo.

By |September, 2016|

SeraNovo wins Gulliver prize for Best Student Entrepreneur 2016

SeraNovo won the prestigious Gulliver prize amongst fierce competition between startups. The student entrepreneur competition, set up by Science meets Business and Lugus, focuses on stimulating startups in the Leiden BioScience Park and region. SeraNovo blew away the jury with his pitch on the solution for the preclinical solubility problems of the pharmaceutical industry. The prize money of €10.000,- will be put to good use in the further development of SeraNovo. Read more about the Gulliver competition on the Leiden University website or the Gulliver website.

By |June, 2016|