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SeraNovo Enters into License Agreement with Carna Biosciences for Development of Oral Formulation of Carna’s Kinase inhibitor

SeraNovo B.V. today announced that it has signed an License Agreement with Carna Biosciences, Inc., a company engaged in drug development specializing in the development of kinase inhibitors. Under the agreement, the companies will expand their existing collaboration and jointly continue to develop an oral formulation with an increased bioavailability. Utilizing its proprietary Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) formulation platform, SeraNovo is formulating one of Carna’s proprietary drugs to increase its oral bioavailability. The DES formulation platform is based on constituents that are for oral administration or broadly used in the industry. The final formulation includes an optimized combination of a DES, one or more polymeric precipitation inhibitors and Carna’s Kinase inhibitor.

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By |October, 2019|

Dr Martin Bakker joins SeraNovo

Experienced business developer Martin Bakker has joined SeraNovo effective immediately. Following substantial recent progress, we have added Martin to our business development team. Martin has a proven track record within the formulation industry and is enthusiast about joining our team and expanding our commercial reach.

By |January, 2019|

SeraNovo wins Venture Challenge 2018

Chrétien Herben, director of the LifeSciences@Work Accelerator, announced SeraNovo as winning team of the 20th edition of the Venture Challenge. The Leiden-based start-up SeraNovo helps pharmaceutical companies increase bioavailability of their drugs through an innovative formulation platform.

According to the Venture Challenge jury, the platform addresses a great need of the pharmaceutical industry. SeraNovo has impressed the jury with their expertise and presentation skills at the Venture Challenge finals at Loyens & Loeff last week.

By |November, 2018|

Patent Filed

We have further added to our intellectual property portfolio. In the pharmaceutical industry protecting your breakthrough technology is very important. With this filing SeraNovo have added significant protection to the Eutech platform broadening its capabilities substantially. For this piece of IP SeraNovo have successfully collaborated with Harrie Marsman of V.O. patent attorneys.

By |November, 2018|

In Vivo Proof of Concept

SeraNovo achieved excellent in vivo results improving the bioavailability of itraconazole by more than 230% compared to the best commercial formulation. Itraconazole is a notorious drug molecule because it is so poorly soluble and subsequently poorly bioavailable. To prove our technology, we designed a new itraconazole formulation. After excellent in vitro results, we commissioned a CRO to complete a comparative in vivo study between our formulation and the best commercial formulation. This evidence of efficacy has generated significant commercial interest.

By |October, 2018|

Prof. Dr. Erik Frijlink joins SeraNovo

Dr Erik Frijlink is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at University of Groningen as well as a successful pharmaceutical inventor. With widely recognized expertise in the formulation of poorly soluble small molecules Erik is an excellent addition to the SeraNovo advisory board. Erik’s technical knowledge in formulation science and industry experience will be incredible valuable as we continue to enhance our platform.

By |July, 2018|