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Turning Solids into Liquids


Deep eutectic solvents are combinations of two or more constituents that form a new system due to strong hydrogen bonding interactions. The strength of these bonds causes a melting point depression, much like salting roads to avoid freezing, but then in the hundreds of degrees Celsius. These interactions take the place of the previous crystalline matrix and form a new amorphous matrix. In short, we turn solids into liquids! 

Turning Liquids into Glass


Using our proprietary methods we can also create a solid, more specifically a Glass DES. These Glass DES have a high loading capacity and are very suitable for powder-filled capsules and can also be compressed into a tablet. Upon contact with aqueous solutions (such as gastric fluid) the liquid DES reforms and rapidly dissolves.

Hydrophobic API’s in a hydrophilic matrix


To facilitate quick dissolution in the aqueous environment of the human GI tract we use hydrophilic constituents. Even the most hydrophobic drugs can be turned into a sugary liquid using our proprietary methods, leading to rapid dissolution in well below 20 minutes.

Non-toxic and safe


We use only safe components in our eutectic systems, which have FDA registrations on their daily consumption and are often Generally Recognized As Safe. Using this approach we avoid additional excipient specific toxicity studies.

Highly adaptive


Using a variety of combinations between over 100 suitable constituents it is possible to design almost unlimited eutectic mixtures. Our job is to find the one that suits your API from a solubility, stability and performance perspective. Resulting in enhanced oral absorption of poorly soluble drugs.

Capsule Compatible & Dose adjustable


We design our eutectic systems to be readily compatible with standard gelatine capsules and softgels, requiring only a filling step before the formulation is ready for administration. The dose can be easily adjusted and requires no additional R&D to design a variety of doses. For Glass DES a tabletting approach is also feasible. 



The hard part of making a eutectic formulation is the design of it, we take care of that. The easy part is the production, taking just days to produce a small scale batch for animal trials up to a clinical batch for Phase I.

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