Capsules, Softgels or tablets?

Flexibility in process conditions to obtain the ideal dosage form

Our formulations can be prepared under best clean conditions in a clean room facility (Class D ISO 8)  or at the GMP production site of our partners. They are compatible with a variety of gelatin capsules and can be filled into hard-shell gelatin capsules right after clean room production, ready for dosing. Using a variety of sizes, easy dose variation for oral administration takes almost no extra time. We can optimize the compatibility of softgels in case this dosage form is preferred, or if a large fill volume is required.


Optionally, we can make solid DES which can also be filled into hard shell Gelatin capsules. Due to excellent flow characteristics and high density, the solid DES are very suitable for to support tablet formulations or making enteric coated tablets resulting in oral solid encapsulations of your API's.


Liquid DES dosage form possibilities:


Solid DES dosage form possibilities:


If you need support in capsule formulation, softgel capsule formulation or tablet formulation respectively, feel free to contact us directly.

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