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SeraNovo is a formulation technology provider enhancing the bioavailability of poorly soluble API's. Our team is specialized in addressing two core issues with our proprietary technology: enhancing bioavailability and reducing development time to the clinic.

SeraNovo is purpose-built to solve these issues.


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Leiden, May 15th, 2023: 

SeraNovo and AstraZeneca to collaborate on research projects

SeraNovo (Leiden, The Netherlands) is pleased to announce the closing of a multi compound deal with AstraZeneca (Cambridge, United Kingdom)


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The benefits of our technology

Bioavailability Enhancement

Our state-of-the-art proprietary eutectic formulation technology is a proven approach for significantly enhancing the bioavailability of even the most difficult to formulate APIs.

Rapid Formulation Development

The quality of our formulations is matched by our development speed. We combine API modelling with high throughput development processes to build the optimum formulation(s) in the shortest time.

Single Step Manufacturing

The only manufacturing operations at SeraNovo are gentle heating and stirring. This simple procedure allows for easy transfer and rapid upscaling of the clinical formulation.

Using Safe Excipients

Our formulations only consist of safe excipients. The right combination of safe excipients is essential, be it for enabling higher exposure during toxicology studies or for moving a product into the clinic.

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