Oral Bioavailability Enhancement


For Small Molecules and Peptides


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Our Problem

At SeraNovo, we confront a critical challenge in pharmaceutical industry—many small molecules and peptides face poor oral bioavailability, limiting their effectiveness. We specialize in enabling even the most challenging active ingredients.


Our approach is a practical and cost-effective solution that transforms a drug’s promise into an effective medicine for patients. SeraNovo is on a mission to redefine drug delivery, ensuring that life-changing medications reach those who need them most.

Our Technology


SeraNovo has developed a range of advanced formulation platforms. Whether your active ingredient is lipophilic, hydrophobic, large or small, peptide or small molecule, we have the formulation for you. Click on the platforms below to learn more about our solutions. 

The Benefits Of Our Technology

Bioavailability Enhancement

1.5 – 3-fold higher bioavailability enhancement than competing technologies

Rapid Formulation Development

Receive prototype formulations in 4-8 weeks

Simple Manufacturing

One-step manufacturing with standard equipment

Safe Excipients

Only FDA-approved inactive ingredients are used 

Our Services


Discover more about our formulation development services at SeraNovo. Within 4-8 weeks, we develop a series of bioavailability-enhancing formulations, each accompanied by a substantial in vitro data package. Our sophisticated in vitro evaluations demonstrate a robust in vitro-in vivo correlation, instilling confidence in our clients before embarking on in vivo studies.


The development of each formulation begins with a thorough understanding of the specific requirements of the API, leading to the creation of a bespoke solution. For significant bioavailability enhancement within a short timeframe, SeraNovo's services provide the optimal solution.


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