of poor oral bioavailability

Solving the problem of poor oral bioavailability


Over 70% of small molecules in the preclinical phase are struggling with poor solubility and poor dissolution characteristics, leading to low absorption or low bioavailability in vivo. Usually those API's have a low water solubility. Our proprietary bioavailability enhancement platform increases the solubility of drug molecules leading to better in vivo absorption. Moreover, our focus is to increase the gastrointestinal delivery by improving oral bioavailability. For each API, we design a eutectic solvent drug delivery system that is filled into a standard capsule for oral administration. Check out our formulation technology for more information on how we achieve this!


Key benefits

  • Oral bioavailability enhancement
  • Rapid formulation development
  • Simple scale up
  • Dose reduction and API saving

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Bioavailability Enhancement

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