Next Gen. Drug Delivery System

SeraNovo - Solving the Insoluble

Most drugs currently in development (~70%) perform poorly due to problems with either solubility, permeability or both when taken as an oral pill.

SeraNovo's oral delivery platform solves this problem, rapidly bringing new drugs to the market.

The Design Process

1 - Solvent Selection

An optimum solvent for the API is designed through our unique solvent platform and tuned to desired characteristics.

  • Highly API Specific
  • Rapid Development
  • GRAS Constituents
  • Patent Pending


Excellent Solubility

Highly scalable production

High Stability

Increased Bio-availability

2 - Vehicle Selection

Two vehicles are available for increased solubility, increased permeability or both.

  • No In Vivo Precipitation
  • Oral Delivery
  • GI Tract Protection
  • Patent Pending

Meet the Team

Niall Hodgins

CEO and Co-founder

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Bastiaan Kluft

CSO and Co-founder

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Dr Joost Holthuis


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Prof Erik Frijlink


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